[Book Discussion] Whistle In The Dark by Emma Healey

Emma Healey’s Whistle in the Dark is a thriller about a young girl called Lana who goes missing for four days but claims she doesn’t remember what happened to her. Her mother is convinced something happened during her time away and will stop at nothing to find out what that was.

At the heart of it, Whistle in the Dark is a tale of a mother in search for answers. It deals with frustration, grief, loss, happiness. As the story unfolds we learn more and more about the family, we learn more about Lana and her struggles, we learn about Jen’s struggles and the way the family is coping.

The thing I liked the most about this book was the characterisation. The characters were relatable, and I could understand the story from both points. Jen’s struggles were especially poignant, her feelings of self-worth, her loss and her struggle to understand were all feelings I feel like we’ve experienced in our lifetime. It was hard to read how much she cared, but was afraid of showing it. It was hard to read how much she was trying, but then Lana was struggling, too. It is a story about learning to communicate at its heart.

The plot of the story moved really well, and the writing really gripped me. I was hooked from start to finish and constantly curious as to what had happened. The way the novel ended was both harrowing and not what I had expected.

In short, I enjoyed the novel. I thought it was exciting and gripping!

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[Book Review] I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

I Am Watching You is an intense thriller by Teresa Driscoll. It asks all the right questions, and keeps you puzzling throughout.

The story focuses on the disappearance of a young girl named Anna Ballard who goes missing after a night out with her friend in London. The story subsequently takes place a year later, and deals with themes such as grief and guilt and the effect her disappearance has on everyone, ranging from family to friends to witnesses.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept me reading and reading and wanting to know what happened, who had done what and why. Without spoiling for anyone who has perhaps not read this book, I did not see the ending and was thoroughly surprised. Maybe I should up my thriller reading game?

Teresa Driscoll is a captivating writer, and perfectly balanced the interwoven lines of the characters and gave each character their own substance and backstory.

It was a nice read, and would recommend it to others (and have done already!)

What did you think?

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