Do You Over Promote Reading?

For me, reading was a fundamental part of growing up. I could always be found with a book, and to this day, I can’t really place where my love for reading came from. Even down to when I was a lot younger, I would make sure to read a chapter of a book before going to bed in the night.

This is not the same for every person out there, and there are people in the world who never pick up a book outside of the classroom, or haven’t picked up a book since they left the classroom.

So, where does the love for literature come from?


My siblings don’t read, if not for the lack of trying on my part. I always leave suggestions, or buy books for them, but they are never read.

How do you get people to read? If you teach, how do you inspire the next generation of readers? Amongst your classroom’s a new novelist could be born, and that’s exciting! Literature is such an important part of my life, and I love being able to share that passion.

But, do I over promote?

A colleague of mine at work raised a point with me before. Why is my passion for reading, and my patience for reading, different say to him playing video games? He finds that playing video games stimulates me, and gets him to think in ways that I find reading does for me.

Perhaps it is me being biased, and with a lot of studies currently being taken place into the value of reading, but I have never considered playing video games as something worth paying attention to, but if playing video games gives someone the same feeling of relaxation and stress-relief as a book, why am I judging?

I find that it is complicated.

Not everyone is a reader, and I will one day learn to accept that. Reading is my escape, but it is not the same escape to others.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!