So, it’s almost coming up to a year since I started this site, and it’s almost time for my plan to renew the domain so I can keep this blog as it is.

Which has led me to make some important decisions in regards to this blog.

As much as I love writing my reviews and running the book club, my love does not extend to the cost of keeping this blog without the .wordpress.com ending.

So, today, I will be cancelling my plan and just leaving this as a free site.

Despite this now being turned into a free site (I wasn’t making money on here, anyway, I made a whole $0.01 last year, which isn’t enough to cover the £80 odd quid of keeping the site), I will continue to post book reviews.

The bookclub element of this blog is still under consideration. I might just keep this as a place to put reviews and potential discussions, but I do also enjoy running the bookclub as a thing for myself.

So, we’ll see how that goes. Let me know your thoughts on if you would like the bookclub to continue? Or if you’d rather just get book reviews (thoughts more than reviews, as I don’t think my reviews are particularly detailed enough to really be a review).

Thank you for your understanding!


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