In this day and age, accessing a book is getting easier and easier. Accessibility in books is also getting better. We now have e-readers such as Kindle and Kobo, we have the paperback, the hardback, the audiobook.

The different mediums of reading is so interesting to me. For example, growing up, and with the introduction of e-readers, I hated them. I always thought the paperback book was better.

I still do, but I have also discovered how useful my Kindle is. Gone are the nights where I’d be forced the turn my light off early, bring on the nights of reading under the bed covers with my kindle.

The hardback book is also fun, you get the soft feel of the dust jacket. The smell of a new book. The enduring strength of a hardback book is not one to beat.

The paperback is a long enduring favourite. The covers, the ability a paperback has to pull another into a conversation. A book cover speaks volumes, and, for me, nothing beats the ache in your hand when you’ve been holding onto a book for too long!

Then there’s the audiobook. Ever wanted to lulled into a fantastical world with soothing voices? The audiobook is definitely one for you. Recently, I’ve found there’s been a boom almost in people listening to audiobooks, and it’s probably due to the increased availability of the audiobook. You no longer need to buy them on CD/Cassette, it’s available at the touch of a button.

With so many different ways of enjoying literature, which one do you prefer? There are so many now, and I find it harder and harder to choose!


8 thoughts on “How Do You Read?

  1. I usually enjoy the physical book, but the bigger books are definitely easier to read on my Kindle since it’s lighter. But I now have a small child who thinks books are toys, so I have to keep my paperbacks very far away. I’ve read that audio books are a good way to get books read to kids, so, while I dislike them, I’m considering them more and more. Wow, there really are many ways to read a book these days!


    1. There really are! I’ve not listened to many audiobooks myself, but there are more and more available as time goes by! I’d not heard that about audiobooks! That’s really fascinating, but I guess it encourages kids to think about the story and the way the narrative works. I’ll look into that one!
      I know what you mean about the bigger books! I also like how a kindle can tell me how long I have left in a chapter, because then I know if I can squeeze another chapter in before I need to do something else!

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      1. Oh, yes, I love that about the kindle! Stopping in the middle of a chapter or an exciting sequence puts me in a bad mood.
        I’m not fond of having books read to me, but I can see that it would be an entirely new and potentially thrilling way to soak in a book. And with the perfect voice, it can really add another layer of complexity.


      2. Yes, it can! I find with audiobooks it depends on how it’s read how well I listen to it. Audiobooks also makes things so much easier for people with visual impairments to be able to get into a book too!
        I know what you mean about stopping in middle of a chapter, it bothers me in ways I never know how to describe.

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  2. My iPad was my go to for reading for a while, I loved having my library with me wherever I went. But now I just prefer the plain old paperback. Occasionally I will download the audio too when I’ll be in the car or on the treadmill a lot. 😊


    1. Oh, the iPad is a good one! It’s nice to be able to have a book with you wherever!
      I’ve heard a lot of people listen to audiobooks in the car. I’m kind of seeing it like the new way to enjoy books in a way people enjoyed radio dramas (not that people don’t still enjoy them!).

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      1. For sure! But I’m trying to cut back on spending and use the library more… “trying” to be more disciplined. Lol we’ll see how it goes. 🤣


      2. Yes, definitely! I used to love going to my local library, but I always had the problem of not wanting to give my books back at the end. I coincidentally work at a library now, and get endlessly frustrated when people don’t bring their books back 😂

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